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Short Term Consultancy to support to the implementation of the Lesotho 2010 Tourism Strategy

UNDP is the UN’s global development network, advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. We are on the ground in 166 countries, working with them on their own solutions to global and national development challenges.


In southern Africa, 2004 will be remembered for the Republic of South Africa’s (RSA) win of the bid to host the soccer world cup in 2010. The announcement that made RSA the host nation for one of the biggest events in the world was a result of a bid made strong by the commitment to make 2010 an “African” world cup. The expected numbers of soccer fans, believed to be approximately 500,000 (overseas and African) provide a sizeable audience and opportunities for raising awareness about regional tourism products whose benefits will go beyond the event.

The location of Lesotho in relation to South Africa provides it with a unique opportunity to benefit from the 2010 soccer event. Completely surrounded by South Africa, Lesotho is within a short flight/drive from three of the host cities. Bloemfontein is a mere 1.5 hours drive away from Maseru the capital city. Johannesburg can be reached by 1 hour flight or 4.5 hour drive, while Durban can be reached by a 6 hour drive from Maseru.

However, there are infrastructural constraints as access by air is limited and not competitively priced and although Lesotho is linked to RSA by road, access is hampered by cumbersome border control procedures that can result in long waiting times to enter Lesotho. Other constraints that hamper tourism growth include limited skills levels in tourism related fields which negatively impact on service standards and incomplete tourism infrastructure which is hindering the design of user friendly tourism routes in the country. This all is affecting the competitiveness of Lesotho as a tourism destination.

In striving to capitalize on 2010 opportunities, the Lesotho Tourism Development Cooperation (LTDC) has developed a Lesotho 2010 Tourism Strategy which outlines how the country foresees removing some of the barriers impeding a prosperous tourism industry. The Strategy identifies a number of initiatives that could augment and improve the “Tourism Supply” and has also looked at identifying concrete actions to stimulate “Tourism Demand”. Key challenges that remain are 1) to determine the viability of the supply activities in light of 2010 and beyond as well as to 2) implementation challenges in terms of funding and capacity to manage such a large undertaking.


The work of the consultant is to help overcome the above mentioned challenges by 1) reviewing the Lesotho Tourism 2010 strategy with the objective to determine the viability of the different identified actions and highlight gaps or deficiencies, 2) focus on identification of linkages with strategic partners in RSA and facilitating the establishment of these partnerships and 3) support development of joint RSA-Lesotho initiatives and implementation of the strategy. An integral part of this implementation framework should be a partnership and tourist investment strategy.

Expected Outcomes

1. Comprehensive review of the Lesotho 2010 Tourism Strategy
2. Implementation framework for the revised strategy, focusing on:

i. Strategic Partnership Development with RSA
ii. Joint Tourism initiatives
iii. Improving access to Lesotho
iv. Introducing a grading system
v. Tourism investment opportunities

     Location and Period of Assignment

It is expected that the consultancy will take place in late October – begin November 2008 predominantly based with the Lesotho Tourism and Development Cooperation in Maseru

Deadline for receipt of applications

Proposals should reach the Resident Representative, UNDP, UN House,  P.O.Box 301, Maseru or by e-mail to registry.ls@undp.org by Friday 31 October  2008

Background information on the Lesotho 2010 Tourism Strategy are available through contacting the UNDP Country Office in Lesotho at registry.ls@undp.org or +266 2231 3790.


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