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The following are the former UN Volunteers who served in Lesotho in the previous years

Hi my name is Momoh Aruna Jimmy, I am a Sierra Leonean with a professional background in Environment and Development. I hold an undergraduate Bachelor of Science with Honours degree in Environmental Science, Environment and Development Option and a postgraduate Masters Degree in Development Studies from the University of Sierra Leone; both completed in 1998 and 2001 respectively.

My work experience has revolved around teaching and programme work with Non Governmental Organizations from the period after my first graduation (1998) until I joined the UNV Programme in 2005 as a Programme Officer.

During my professional experience as a UNV Programme Officer, I have co-ordinated National Volunteer Schemes, facilitated the recruitment of essentials skills such as Medical Doctors to provide essential health care services and also participated in community volunteer initiatives….an experience that has positively enriched my understanding of local and social realities in the countries I have worked in.

To date, as a UNV Programme Officer in Lesotho, working towards mainstreaming the values of volunteerism into UN programmes and projects, I have increasingly realized that Volunteerism can transform the pace and nature of development through local participation!!!

Steve O’Dwyer I am a UN Volunteer working on Sustainable Land Management (SLM) as part of the UNDP’s Energy and Environment Unit. This work is intended to improve land productivity, provide essential ecosystem services and to increase the resilience of peoples’ livelihoods to climate shocks. At the day-to-day level, I am working closely with partners in the Ministry of Forestry and Land Reclamation to distill national and international best practice into a useable SLM model for Lesotho. I am a graduate of the MA programme in International Relations at Dublin City University. My earlier background is in technology and engineering, having studied for a BE in engineering and worked as a programmer for a financial institution between 2002-2005.


My name is Fiona Coyle and I am a UNV intern within the HIV/AIDS unit of the UNDP with specific responsibility for the management and supervision of the Community Leadership and Capacity Enhancement (CLCE) Project. Originally, I hail from the North West coast of Ireland where I trained as a Community Development worker with a BA in Public and Social policy, and a MA in the area of Community Development. My professional experience, so far, has ranged from working with on the ground projects, community organizations, government bodies to international NGO’s in both the developed and developing countries. I find the people of Lesotho to be very welcoming and I receive great enjoyment from the rugged landscape and the Basotho way of life.


Hi! This is Fulu Koali; the Lesotho National man. I hold first degree in BSc. Agric. Economics and I currently work as National United Nations Volunteer (NUNV) Specialist. I am assigned in the National Volunteer Corp Project under the Ministry of Gender and Youth, Sports and Recreation with UNDP as a key partner. I love the work because it’s challenging and I learn much daily. Prior, I was a research assistant of one Lecturer at the National University of Lesotho (NUL). I am very passionate and proud of my country Lesotho; being the country in which all people in it lives with peace and harmony.


Hi my name is Giulia Pelosi and I am a UNV for the Consolidation of Democracy and Good Governance Programme (CDGG). I work with the Ministry of Justice, Human Rights and Correctional Services in strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights in Lesotho. I have completed a Bachelor Degree in Law and an LL.M in Public International Law and Human Rights. I have worked as a human rights researcher in NGOs  and volunteered in Italy for several years. Due to my passion in this area, I am enthusiastic to contribute to the improvement of a culture of respect for human rights in Lesotho.

Samuel Akera

My name is Samuel Akera. I am a UNV from Uganda. I am working as a Disaster Risk Reduction Advisor. My main function is to provide technical support to UNDP, UNCT and the Disaster Management Authority. I feel so privileged making a contribution to the project aimed at 'enhancing the national and local capacities in disaster risk reduction in Lesotho’. I hold a M.A Development Studies, BSC. Agriculture and several certificates in Disaster Management obtained from World Bank Institute/Earthquake and Megacities Initiatives. My professional experience varied widely to include Disaster Risk Reduction, Humanitarian Assistance, Crisis Prevention and Recovery as well as Agricultural Livelihoods. Prior to my UNV assignment, I had worked for 8 years with various UN and NGO agencies such as UNDP, WFP and World Vision. To me, Lesotho is my second home!

Manuela Talmino

My name is Manuela Tolmino and I am the HIV/TB UNV Intern working with WHO in the Health Promotion Unit. After receiving a BA in Economics and Business Management and a MA in Social Communication in Italy, I moved to the U.S., to complete a MA in Health Communication. My latest work experience includes a position as a Research Assistant at George Mason University, Fairfax U.S., working on HIV communication projects and an internship in the HIV Unit of WHO’s Regional Office for the Americas.  I have lived in Lesotho since Feb 2010 and I immediately find the Basotho people very warm and welcoming and I am honored to be positively contributing to the achievement of healthier communities in Lesotho.

Nerea Ntoi

Hi, I am Nerea Ntoi, a National UNV Specialist under Lesotho College of Education - Distant Teacher  Education Programme (DTEP). My Highest Qualification is Honours Bachelor of Education - with Specialisation in Educational Management. I Work closely with the LCE International UNV Specialist DTEP Development Programme to ensure maximum delivery, supportive working environment, exchange of skills and cooperative approach. Based in Leribe Region as supporting structure to both full-time and part-time site tutors.

Helena Ekinge

Hi, I’m Helena Ekinge and I am volunteering as a Communications Specialist for the UN in Lesotho. In my job, I get to see and work with all the different parts of the UN at country level and find ways of raising awareness of what we do. Before I started working for the UN, I was a journalist in my home country Sweden covering national and international politics and events. I have also worked for UNDP in Viet Nam and the UNDP head quarter branch in Sweden. My educational background is within journalism and human rights. Volunteerism for me is learning new skills while at the same time sharing the knowledge I have gained so far. This is especially true in Lesotho and I am very happy to have this experience.

Felix Chindime

Felix Chindime is my name. I’m a Malawian. In Lesotho I’m doing volunteering work as Logistics Officer for World Food Programme (WFP). I studied Computer Systems and Design .Before becoming a UNV in January 2010; I was working for WFP Malawi as a national staff for 8 years. Prior to WFP, I was working for DANIDA Livestock Project. I’m always touched to see people starving due to food insecurity. Transport, warehousing and commodity tracking management is my area of work. I’m sure that the knowledge and experience that I have, will greatly contribute to my work and enable me to achieve my objectives and that of UNV, WFP and UN.

Melissa Jakola
Melissa Jakola is the M&E Specialist UNV for the Lesotho Renewable Energy-Based Rural Electrification (LREBRE) project- implemented by the Ministry of Natural Resources, through the Department of Energy, in collaboration with Global Environment Facility and UNDP.

Melissa hails from Sudbury, Canada and has a degree in Environmental Earth Science. She has worked in the environmental field for 5 years and volunteered in South Africa, Honduras, Costa Rica, Taiwan and a First Nations community in Canada.

Melissa is excited to be part of the LREBRE project; she enjoys living in Lesotho and is driven forward through the hope of the project to support the government in its efforts to increase the electrification of the Basotho people.
Sara McGinty

Hi I'm Sara McGinty, I’m volunteering in Lesotho from Canada, through the UNDP, at the Lesotho College of Education.  It is within this position, that I am able to work with my Basotho colleagues in strengthening the Distance Teacher Education Programme in a progressive and innovative manner.   I have worked in the education sector having spent over nine years engaged in classroom teaching, in Africa and in Canada, have consulted on educational projects, and have worked on various development initiatives.  My educational background includes a B.A. (honours), B.Ed., and a M.A. in Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning, specialising in Comparative, International, and Development Education. 

Orfhlaith Ramsey(01.08.2007 to  31.08.2009)
Hi, I’m Orfhlaith Ramsey, volunteering in Lesotho from Ireland. So far, my work career has spanned civil society, government, education, private enterprise and self-employment. I am interested in languages, people and building social networks to get things done. This has led to a Diploma in French, a BA in History and Linguistics and a Masters in Business Administration. Volunteerism is, I feel, the ultimate bridge-builder for personal and societal growth and development, especially when we get community, government, education and business all volunteering together. I believe this is possible in Lesotho, where people greet me with the words ‘Welcome home’.
Daniel Stoltz (until 31.12.2008)
Hi, my name is Daniel Stoltz, UNV Civil Society Specialist stationed in Maseru, Lesotho. My prior work experience, education and training covers the areas of journalism, civil society, project management, culture and promotion. I have a vocational diploma in project management, inclusive of studies in international cooperation and organizational theory. My interest in social relations and structures has led to studies in Sociology at the Lund University, Sweden. Volunteering to me is the opportunity to take part in a new society and to broaden one’s perspective. It contributes to a deepened understanding of societal dynamics and the roles we all play in it.
Teresa Wyndham-Smith (until 31.12.2008)
Teresa Wyndham-Smith is from New Zealand. She's based in the Ministry of Justice, Human Rights and the Correctional Service working on the establishment of the Lesotho Human Rights Commission. She also worked in the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftainship for 16 months assisting with the development of communication processes and materials. Prior to coming to Lesotho she was the Communications Manager for a refugee resettlement NGO in New Zealand.

"Working in the two Ministries has given me a unique insight into both life as a southern African public servant and the practical workings of development projects. Lesotho is a fascinating country and a great base from which to learn more about sub-Saharan Africa".
Dyfan Jones (03.12.2006 – 30.06.2008)
Dyfan Jones is a graduate in History and Politics from the University of Wales, Swansea. Dyfan has been active in Lesotho for many years, first through his association with the NGO, Lesotho Wales Link and most recently, through UNDP Lesotho, in his role as advisor to the Lesotho parliamentary committees. He is based in the Senate and operates between both houses of parliament. Dyfan says, ‘The Lesotho Parliament has recently gone through major changes and it has been a great honour and privilege to have been part of that development. I have really enjoyed my time living here and feel that Lesotho is my home away home.
Gwynneth Wong (24.04.2005 – 31.12.2007)

My name is Gwynneth Wong. I am from Canada. I have been at UNDP Lesotho since August 2004, originally as a CIDA intern in HIV, and then as a UNV Volunteer HIV & AIDS Specialist since April 2005. I coordinate the joint UN project “Greater Involvement and Empowerment of People Living with HIV & AIDS (GIEPA) in Lesotho” involving UNDP, UNAIDS, FAO and WFP working with the Lesotho Network of People Living with HIV & AIDS (LENEPWHA).

"Working and living in Lesotho has offered a great opportunity to participate in the community, and explore life in the mountain Kingdom. I have been welcomed into a family providing a unique experience of living in Lesotho. While I have been stationed in Maseru, the mountains, dams, skiing (!) are only a few hours drive away".

James Wah-Bloh Bedell (15.08.2002 – 31.12.2007)
I’m James Wah-Bloh Bedell, a Liberian national. I’ve been in the country since mid 2002. I have a degree in Sociology.

As of July 2007, I have been re-deployed to the field to coordinate and lead WFP’s drought response food aid to 180,000 vulnerable people in the southern districts.

" Working in the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftainship has given me a unique insight into both life as a southern African public servant and the practical workings of development projects. Lesotho is a fascinating country and a great base from which to learn more about sub-Saharan Africa".

Liana Edith Sabbath (06.09.2002 - 31.12.2007)
My name is Liana Edith Sabbath, am originally from Kenya, I came to Lesotho in 2002 and it is my first assignment as a UNV, attached to WFP under Emergency operation as a programme officer. I set up the office in Mafeteng district which is the biggest district in Lesotho, Benefiting more than 110,000 beneficiaries. This was my biggest challenge, as I had to travel to very remote and mountainous areas to register the vulnerable people. This was a very humbling and educative experience.

I am currently based in Maseru as a Funds Manager in the Logistics Unit; the work is also very challenging and interesting at the same time, I ensure that WFP Lesotho has enough funds to cover its proposed ITSH operations. Process all ITSH related invoices for payment, prepare budgets, compile the required reports and other related duties.
Hassan S. Abdi ( 23.10.2002 – 31.12.2007)
My name is Hassan S. Abdi. I am a national of Somalia. I obtained my first University degree in Ag/Economics before proceeding to USA obtaining a Masters in Resource Development from Michigan State University, USA and postgraduate diploma in Programme Investment, Appraisal & Management from Harvard University.

I arrived in March 1999 to join UNDP as Aid Coordination Specialist attached to Development Planning assisting in managing and administering external aid up to June 2001. In October 2002, I became head of Sub Office of World Food Programme coordinating emergency operation at district level.

Currently, I am head of the WFP Food for Work Unit coordinating the provision of food incentive to enable vulnerable community groups to take part in labour based infrastructure development improving livelihoods and creating assets in the communities.
Victoria Diarra (17.11.2002 – 31.12.2007)
I am called Victoria Diarra, social statistician. This is my first UNV assignment, which started in November 2002. I provide technical support to the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning in establishing a sustainable and viable National Monitoring and Evaluation System and enhancing the skills of the staff of the Bureau of Statistics to effectively and efficiently coordinate the Nation statistical system.

"The security arrangements for UNV Volunteers are in adherence with the stipulated rules. Housing facilities are provided but there is no support for regular maintenance".

JOSE PEDROSA - UNDP (14.02.2006 – 31.07.2007)
My name is Jose Pedrosa and I’m from Spain. I have been living in Europe and the US working with development issues. As part of my previous jobs, I have had the opportunity to go on several missions to West Africa. These trips made me aware of the reality in the field. The UNV Programme offered me the opportunity to put my experience at the service of UNDP in Lesotho, where I’m presently working. Now I support the implementation of projects aiming at environmental sustainability. I think the UNV program is really a remarkable experience, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to contribute to development
Adam Weimer - wfp (15.10.2004 – 31.05.2007)
My name is Adam Weimer. Originally, I am from the U.S. but I have been in Lesotho for almost three years now, first as a Peace Corps Volunteer then as a UNV since October. In my capacity as a UN Volunteer, I am serving with the World Food Programme as the HIV/AIDS coordinator here in Lesotho. I am responsible for mainstreaming HIV/AIDS activities into all WFP Lesotho Programmes as well as forging new partnerships with the Government and NGOs to provide food to those affected and infected with HIV. Currently there are over 40,000 people receiving food assistance through our HIV/AIDS and TB programme. My experience so far has been very rewarding. At the end of the day I know that my work is making a difference in mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS.
Ursula Messner - psi (29.04.2005 – 28.04.2007)
My name is Ursula Messner and I come from Germany. I am a marketing specialist and this is my first UNV assignment. I have already worked in Cuba, El Salvador and Mexico but this is my first time working in Africa.

I arrived in April 2005 to work as an UNV at the Social Marketing NGO Population Services International (PSI) in Maseru. I am the technical advice for social marketing activities according to HIV/Aids at PSI. I am also responsible for the VTC-centres and build a network with Faith Based Organizations.
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